Monday, February 9, 2009

Life not fair?

Are peoples around the world have a perfect life? I don’t know. What I want to say right now, is about the real life. In this world, there are so many kinds of life. Everybody want a perfect life! BUT they can’t. Ok, let see about this situation. Maria is beautiful woman, Alif so handsome man. They are rich, got a big home, can buy anything. People are respecting, caring, staring at them. Oh, he or she is coming, serves what he or she wants.
BUT. Take a look at this guy, Jack looks like bad man. He lived in poor home. Is he get the same thing that Maria and Alif got? Absolutely, NOT! What he get is: just ignore him, he is ok, never mind …He got no care from people. Am I right?
Some people of this world now suffered from war. But we not. They feeling terrible, sad, eager. But we can’t feel it. When we see them on our TV. We will says: Oh so pity, I’m sorry for them! Then when the TV is turn off, we totally forget about them anymore. We continue our life as usual.emm….
Is life fair enough?

*In this world there are so many different of peoples have created to be who they are. For me, we are human, nothing less or more. Caring, helping and respecting any people surely make our life perfect!*PEACE*

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