Monday, March 23, 2009


Aku tak tahu kenapa tetiba ja terbangun dari tidur. Tengok jam bru bru pkul 4 pgi. Then, asyik tringat assingment yang lecturer bagi...wat magazine...Best la plak wat magazine ni... asyik imaging je bout the my incoming magazine.Aku terus bangun dan duduk dpan laptop...Aku dah decide dah nak wat pe.ha 'Indie Band' haha!:-) Skrang aku tengah cari bahan2 yang aku nat muatkan dalam magazine aku...harap2 nanti magazine aku akan siap dan CUN!!!

Aduh macam mana ni xleh tidur....esok ada klas...

Monday, March 9, 2009


Kadang-kala perjumpaan yang sekejap amat berat untuk dilepaskan oleh hati. Namun, kehidupan seharian yang telah ‘ditentukan’ terpaksa ditempuhi agar hidup lebih bermakna. Walaupun hati memberontak, mata mengeluarkan air, hidup ini perlu diteruskan juga untuk mencapai impian hidup yang naluri idamkan.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

BLAST of bunkface!

i think this indie band is becoming famous in Malaysia or maybe more. i started to know this band because of their situasi song. At that time,i like that song and just know the song and don't know who is the singer. Then, accidently, i was watched them performing on TV3@ Konsert Jom Heboh. Best lol! they were singing silly lily and situasi. from that, i'm starting to know bunkface deeply, downloading at, listening their songs on Myspace and serching 'bunkface' on web. Now I want to announce to people over the world that I'm #1 FAN OF BUNKFACE!Go!gO! BUNKFACE!

*Terima kasih kerna support local band*



Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I don’t want to…

Despite I’m slow but I’m not stupid… so what I don’t want to about my study are:

1. I don’t want to be the stupidiest person in my class.

2. I don’t want to fail my papers.

3. I don’t want to repeat my papers for the next part.

I will try my best so that, people around me not disappointed on me… sometimes what we did before, it gives a lesson to us. I have did the mistakes before, so I know it hurts and embarrassing. So it’s never happen to me again! Never!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bout me to Kami The Movie.....

I have seen this movie for 3 times and may be more… this movie is connected to the Kami the TV series. Lucky but no lucky me coz I have seen Kami the series but not at all. So when I watching this movie, I’m curious something. Ok before that, I would like people know my fav scenes. I have so many fav scenes actually but the scenes when Ali, Abu and Lynn are chatting at the basketball’s court is the most. They are cute especially Ali when he is telling Abu n Lynn about his job n reaction of Lynn n Abu are… emm.. such real.....

Back to curious one, what has Lynn owes Boy? And why Lynn helps Boy to sell the drug. Besides, who writes the phrases “Hidup ini memang p**** t, tapi esok masih ada”,? Coz at the end of this story Ali has mentioned “Bukan dari aku”.

This movie is about 5 members that are having really relationship of friends. There are Lynn, Abu, Ali, Adii and Sofie. Lynn, Adii, and Sofie just finished took SPM Examination. Ali is working as tourism’s consultants, while Abu run away from rehab. So lets make it shortly, every of them have their own secret and when that’s secret ‘terkantoi’ the troubles become worst! Everybody should watch this movie, despite, I don’t like the ending of this movie. Best! The shots that had been taken are really good. That’s why I like the film produced by Redfilm.

I’m waiting the continuous of Kami the movies……………..

*there are some snapshots of this movie: